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Spot the Spelling Mis’s’takes!
My kids call me the Grammar Grannie, not because I always get it right (or that I’m a grandmother) but because when I do check their university assignments, THEY usually get it right.  I am a bit of an adherent to proper use of whatever language you’re using. Which is why, when I see things like a local restaurant menu rife with spelling mistakes, I cringe. I’d like to name the restaurant un-named, but I can’t because that wouldn’t be fulfilling my Grammar Grannie inner need to...

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Local Golfers Move On to COSSA
Thirty-five local students took part in Monday's high school championships at the Kawartha Golf and Country Club. Here are the final results, with the top four teams, top for males, and top three females moving on the the COSSA championships at KGCC on Wednesday: Top 3 overall Great Scores by Sam Meek Crestwood 69 Mat Stevens St Peter 75 Jacob Fredericks Adam Scott 77 Top 4 teams advance to COSSA Wednesday again at KGCC 1st Crestwood (230) Sam Meek 69, Jayd Killingbeck 80, Nick...

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